Dior’s last aDiorable advertising campaign with Charlize Theron



The French house launched its new « J’Adore » advertising campaign a few days ago. Starring its twelve-year ambassador, this new film is an ode to nature and femininity.

Ambassador of Dior’s iconic perfume since 2004, Charlize Theron is back on screens in a very pure and sensual campaign created by Jean-Baptiste Mondino. Previously walking in sophisticated decors like Versailles castle’s « Galerie des glaces », the South African actress is now embodying the « J’adore » woman in a wild and natural landscape.

You can see her walking in a desert under the rain and running in the water under a golden sun. This film shows a free woman in communion with nature and its elements: sun, water, wind, sky… Just like the scenery, Charlize Theron also has a simpler look; the only accessories she wears are golden bracelets reminding J’adore’s perfume bottle top. Her asymmetrical golden Dior couture dress enhances her body: it is made of nude organza and muslin embroidered with pearls, glitter, and gold, and took more than 200 hours to be sewed.

Charlize Theron said that « this campaign is probably the most truthful to who [she is], what [she loves] and where [she feels] truly confortable ». This celebration of our freedom and attachment to nature is close to her vision of femininity and gives the Dior woman a new dimension we definitely « aDior ».

Iris Julien, étudiante en 1ère année à l’EIML